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DJ Scruggs is a co-host on Creative Real Estate Podcast

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AAA71 Senior Living Investing - Doug Fullaway

Jun 27, 201821 minutes

Doug Folaway started in senior living communities about ten years ago!

The cool thing about assisted living is not only does Doug provide great returns to his investors, but he also provides something to the community of real value. There’s not many investments that do this!

Topics discussed:

  1. Assisted Living
  2. Passive Investing
  3. Syndications

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AAA56 - From Newbie to Mentor! - Tony Spandrio

May 23, 201826 minutes

From Newbie to Mentor!

AAA50 MILESTONE MONDAY! Closed the first Syndication - DJ Scruggs

May 14, 201814 minutes

BlueSpruce closed it's first (and second) syndication.

AAA35 Non-Performing Second Mortgage Investing - Lindsay Gordon

Apr 2, 201816 minutes

Second Mortgage Investing

AAA31 Leveraging Technology In Real Estate - Trevor Mauch

Feb 28, 201825 minutes

Technology in Real Estate!

AAA26 Team Work Makes the Dream Work - Lane Kawaoka

Feb 12, 201821 minutes

Real Estate Investing, The Team Sport.

AAA25 From Two Day Jobs to Full Time Real Estate Investor - Jennifer Beadles

Feb 5, 201825 minutes

Learn How to Flip 100 Houses Per Year

AAA24 Husband & Wife Team Dominating the Real Estate Game - Jason & Pili Yarusi

Jan 29, 201824 minutes

Real Estate Power Couple.

AAA23 Microprocessor Design to Minor League Baseball Stadiums - Victor Menasce

Jan 22, 201829 minutes

International Real Estate Business

AAA19 From a W-2 to a $230 Million Portfolio - Joe Fairless

Dec 25, 201727 minutes

Creating Success From The Start

AAA17 Upgrade your Online Presence –Italina Kirknis

Dec 7, 201724 minutes

Get more VISIBILITY Online

AAA16 Coming out of Retirement at 21 - Igor Kajpust

Dec 4, 201721 minutes

Young, Rich, and Retired: An Interview with Igor Kajpust

AAA14 Real Estate in Reverse - Kent Clothier

Nov 27, 201720 minutes

Work Backwards and create the result you actually want

AAA13 Adapt or Die! Networking & Creative Solutions to Thrive in Real Estate - Holly McKhann

Nov 16, 201723 minutes

Networking and Creative Solutions - Holly McKhann "Hard Hat Holly"

AAA12 From Poverty to Prosperity - Mindset of a RE Mogul - Rod Khleif

Nov 15, 201724 minutes

Learn the psychology of success

AAA11 Fund your deal using Private Money - Chris Tanner!

Nov 8, 201722 minutes

Use other people's money to leverage more deals than you have cash for

AAA6 Raise Private Money Like a Pro - Tony Spandrio!

Oct 30, 201721 minutes

Tony Spandrio shares how he locates and uses private money

AAA8 The Power of the 3-Option Letter of Intent - Matt Theriault

Oct 27, 201732 minutes

Financially free in 4 years usig no money and no credit!

AAA7 Step By Step Process for Negotiating Win-Wins with Sellers - Adam Adams

Oct 26, 201712 minutes

Solving Home Owner's Problems with Creative Real Estate Strategies

AAA4 Unique Strategies From a Long Time Fix & Flipper - Al Roberson

Oct 9, 201725 minutes

Al Roberson of Lead Funding (one of the podcast's sponsors)

AAA3 Inside Look at HouseFlippingHQ - Justin Williams

Oct 2, 201730 minutes

How to flip over 100 houses per year

AAA2 Investing With Your Self Directed Retirement Accounts - Chris Tanner

Sep 25, 201723 minutes

How to use your IRA or 401(k) to invest in real estate

AAA1 Welcome to the Creative Real Estate Podcast

Sep 11, 20178 minutes

Meet Adam, Manny and DJ

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