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Adam is a real estate investor as well as co-host of The Creative Real estate podcast.

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AAA361 What Are The Risks And Benefits of Long Term Ownership?-Preston Walls

Apr 1, 2020

In this podcast, you'll learn:

  • Why his strategy is to hold for a long period?

  • In growth markets, CAP rates tend to be low

  • 67-68% Loan to Value is the upper end for refinancing

  • Whats the most amount that you can pull out from a property in one single refinance?

  • How to Source Investors? Step 1: Friend and Family Step 2: Expand your network Step 3: Hire an investor relations person who can manage the date database of investors. -Produce monthly recaps of new projects -Develop new investor contacts -Reach out and follow up to investors -Hosting events -Attending events -Building walk through at projects that are on going

To connect with Preston, please visit (https://https://wallspropertygroupre.com/) or (https://https://www.wallspropertymanagement.com/)

Sponsor: FREE GIVEAWAY: Learn how you can implement the Fix & List strategy by watching Eric Young’s free video lesson at (https://www.fixandlistsecrets.com)

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AAA332 Influence and Creating a Shareable Content - Michael Roderick

Jan 8, 2020

How to Have a Thought Leadership Platform

AAA321 Connecting your Network to the Right People to Bring them to the Next Level - Adam Carswell

Dec 1, 2019

Caring about the Success of People in your Network

AAA320 Listener Question: What is Cap Rate?

Nov 29, 2019

Rate at which you get your money back

AAA317 Three Proven Steps on how to reach out to Passive Investors - Jeremy Porto

Nov 23, 2019

Paring a Great Deal with Great leaning results in a Great Outcome!

AAA315 You don't just Find a Deal, you Make a Deal - Andrew Cushman

Nov 19, 2019

Be Relentless, Persistant, and Patient

AAA314 Listener Question: 4 Networking Question You Should Ask

Nov 17, 2019

Plus Adam's free Bonus at the end of this podcast!

AAA313 How to Call the Capital in a 6-Step Blueprint - Sal Buscemi

Nov 15, 2019

If you know how to raise money for real estate, you can raise money for anything

AAA311 Crushing it in Apartments and Commercial Real Estate - Brian Murray

Nov 11, 2019

Learn about the seller's situation so you can find a way for the deal to work for both of you

AAA309 Transitioning from Single Family to Multifamily and Self Storage - Jason Lucchesi

Nov 7, 201931 minutes

When you're always working IN your business, you don't always have a chance to work ON your business

AAA307 Kyle Mitchell

Nov 3, 201929 minutes

AAA306 Why is focus so important when raising OPM?

Nov 2, 201918 minutes

My top 7 takeaways from RMS 2019 #1

AAA305 How do you get pre-commitments from passive investors?

Nov 1, 201911 minutes

My top 7 takeaways from RMS 2019 #2

AAA304 Trojan Horse Marketing

Oct 31, 201910 minutes

My top 7 takeaways from RMS 2019 #3

AAA 303 Don't get interviewed on another podcast until you do this!

Oct 30, 201912 minutes

My top 7 takeaways from RMS 2019 #4

AAA 302 WHAT!? Paying Taxes in Your IRA!?

Oct 30, 201912 minutes

My top 7 takeaways from RMS 2019 #5

AAA301 How do you create a "Funnel"?

Oct 28, 201912 minutes

My top 7 takeaways from RMS 2019 #6

AAA300 "What are passive investors looking for?"

Oct 28, 201923 minutes

My top 7 takeaways from RMS 2019 #7

AAA299 "What You Need in Order to Have Influence at Real Estate Meetups" - Neal Bawa

Sep 20, 2019

What is Holding you Back from being able to Raise Money

AAA298 "Buying Multifamily Properties at Steep Discounts" - Marco Kozlowski

Sep 19, 2019

Knowledge without Application is a Tragedy

AAA297 "The One-Day Raise" - Bryan Ellis

Sep 16, 2019

The six steps to raising all the money you want in one day!

5 of 5 Ways we make money in multifamily LEVERAGE!

Sep 12, 2019

Leverage is amazing! Here's 4 reasons why!

4 of 5 Ways we make money in multifamily! Cash flow!

Sep 12, 2019

What is cash flow anyway?

3 of 5 Ways we make money in multifamily! Tax Benefits

Sep 12, 2019

Cost seg, bonusdepreciation, & other tax benefits of multifamily.

2 of 5 Ways we make money in multifamily! Natural Appreciation

Sep 12, 2019

How does natural appreciation work?

1 of 5 Ways we make money in multifamily! "Forced Appreciation"

Sep 12, 2019

Forced Appreciation is like a fix and flip on a larger scale!

4 of 4 Why Multifamily? "Scale"

Sep 12, 2019

Economies of scale, protect your time and effort!

3 of 4 Why Multifamily? "Demand"

Sep 12, 2019

Demand for multifamily is increasing!

2 of 4 Why Multifamily? "Risk"

Sep 12, 2019

Less risky than single family homes!

1 of 4 Why Multifamily? "Competition"

Sep 11, 2019

Less competition than single family!

AAA268 Sitting on the Sidelines and Waiting out the Market - Jonathan Twombly

Aug 20, 201959 minutes

The time to be fearful is when other people are greedy

AAA267 Build Credibility, Earn Trust and Follow up with Brokers - Garrett Lynch

Aug 19, 201949 minutes

You're just one deal away from changing your life

AAA264 Managing your Emotions while Investing - Omar Khan

Aug 16, 201929 minutes

Play the Game you're Good at Playing

AAA259 Triple Net Leases with the Mailbox King - Dwaine Clarke

Aug 11, 201933 minutes

Understanding the Risks and Benefits of Commercial Real Estate

AAA257 How Being the Expert in your Market builds Loyalty in your Community - Anna Kelley

Aug 9, 201946 minutes

Understanding the Importance of Partnering with Locals

AAA256 Navigating the Laws of Airbnb - Erin Spradlin

Aug 7, 201925 minutes

Working within City Laws regarding Short Term Rentals

AAA255 Crushing it in Student Housing - Jeff Greenberg

Aug 5, 201935 minutes

Quadrupling your income in two years

AAA254 You have no excuses - Billy Keels

Aug 1, 201939 minutes

Invest, even when you have a 9to5

AAA253 Why you need to Underwrite 135 properties to get a deal- David Toupin

Jul 26, 201930 minutes

Building a Team to Build an Empire

AAA252 It's time to raise $20 million dollars for your deals! - Todd Dexheimer

Jul 23, 201936 minutes

How to syndicate multifamily apartments

AAA251 Lead generation strategies you can't ignore - Christina Krause

Jul 21, 201939 minutes

Acquisitions, Follow up, and more!

AAA250 Protecting your downside - Tauheed Siddiqui

Jul 19, 201937 minutes

Legal team & new development lessons learned

AAA249 What got you to where you are today won't get you to where you want tomorrow - Tie Lasiter

Jul 17, 201947 minutes

How you adapt to change is how you succeed

AAA248 From Maintenance Man to Multi-Millionaire - Glenn Gonzales

Jul 16, 201938 minutes

How to find your niche and shine

AAA247 Achieve balance & personal growth - Debbie Camacho-Franco

Jul 15, 201926 minutes

Self care is so important to success!

AAA246 Working with passive investors - Alina Trigub

Jul 11, 201951 minutes

Fulfilling a niche by raising equity

AAA245 Wholsaling & Flipping on steroids! - Joshua Morse

Jul 10, 201943 minutes

Better salesmanship to scale a 7 figure flipping company

AAA244 Raise $60 million dollars in 4 years - Ivan Barratt

Jul 9, 201937 minutes

Raising big bucks FAST for your syndication

AAA243 Systems for your business - J Scott

Jul 8, 201937 minutes

Systems, Checklist, Forms, Documentation, Etc

AAA242 Using Real Data to Pick Markets- Neal Bawa

Jul 7, 201950 minutes

Follow the data for multifamliy

AAA241 How to get a unique raise done - Cliff Lipscomb

Jul 6, 201921 minutes

Raising big bucks FAST for your syndication

AAA240 O.Z. could be catastrophic for you! - Carol Ellis

Jul 5, 201914 minutes

Things to look at with Opportunity Zones!

AAA239 What just happened in New York!? - Carol Ellis

Jul 5, 201914 minutes

Real Estate news reporter brings it to you live!

AAA238 Brand yourself now! - Sam Kwak

Jul 4, 201920 minutes

Get your name out there!

AAA236 Private money lending horror story - Kyle Doney

Jul 2, 201933 minutes

How to do due diligence on people

AAA235 Skip the duplex! - Seth Ferguson

Jul 1, 201928 minutes

How to start in multifamily apartments

AAA234 House hacks and the game of chess - Mike Foster

Jun 30, 201931 minutes

Active Duty Passive Income with Creative Strategies

AAA233 Virtual Wholesaling Tips - Gavin Timms

Jun 29, 201930 minutes

How to save time and close deals on the phone!

AAA232 How to crush it with Short Term Rentals - Mike Sjogren

Jun 28, 201932 minutes

AirBnb, HomeAway, and other STR vehicles

AAA231 How to surround yourself with the right people - Jason Pero

Jun 27, 201932 minutes

3 things you need to know to grow your network

AAA230 Side Hustle in REI - Kim Gillock

Jun 26, 201933 minutes

Real Estate on the side

AAA229 How to raise $8MM in 24 hours! - James Kandasamy

Jun 25, 201935 minutes

Raising big bucks FAST for your syndication

AAA228 How to be a safe passive investor - Krishan Singh

Jun 24, 201922 minutes

Steps to investing safely into syndications with "Kay Kay"

AAA227 Should you invest in Memphis? - John Webb

Jun 3, 201929 minutes

Creative ways to buy Real Estate in out of state markets.

AAA226 Securities law is no joke! - Amy Wan

May 8, 201941 minutes

The right way to raise money from others

AAA225 You DON'T make your money when you buy!! - Joseph Gozlan

May 8, 201925 minutes

"Nobody teaches how to operate"

AAA224 How to successfully manage contractors - Heather Loyal

May 7, 201924 minutes

Communication is key to managing contractors and keeping on buget

AAA222 AirBnB your mountain home for big bucks! - Garry Cook

May 6, 201925 minutes

Short Term Rentals... CREATIVELY

AAA221 Try this to get into multifamily before doing single family! - Jerry Garcia

May 5, 201915 minutes

How to syndicate multifamily apartments


May 4, 201920 minutes

No more squirrels! You need to start focusing!

AAA219 How to scale your real estate business - Adam Balsinger

May 3, 201922 minutes

Strategies to systemize and grow your real estate company

AAA217 How to build a rental portfolio with no money out of pocket - Marco A. Romero

May 1, 201950 minutes

you can buy rentals with OPM

AAA216 Running your own mastermind group - Jason Medley

Apr 30, 201948 minutes

Creating your own tribe or community of collective genius

AAA215 House Hacking - Amy Ranae Dills

Apr 29, 201923 minutes

Creative financing, live in flips, and house hacks to make it work

AAA214 How to skip single family and get into commercial REI - Jason Stofer

Apr 26, 201924 minutes

How to syndicate self storage

AAA213 Twelve Years of Creative Real Estate - Gerald Allan Hennesey

Apr 25, 201924 minutes

His first deal was creative... his last deal is creative

AAA212 Over $100,000,000.00 in business transactions - Mike Jordan

Apr 25, 201925 minutes

Treating real estate like a business

AAA211 The biggest reason new investors fail - Matt Popilek

Apr 24, 201918 minutes

How to get into real estate

AAA210 How to negotiate the deal - John Martinez

Apr 23, 201925 minutes

How to negotiate real estate deals

AAA209 Advice Rod Khleif Never Shared Before In Podcast Interviews

Apr 23, 201944 minutes

How to syndicate multifamily apartments

AAA196 Get More Business By Accommodating To Other's Situations - John Morey

Apr 22, 201920 minutes

“Keep Moving Forward” - John Morey

AAA199 Alternative Assets - Kaaren Hall

Mar 31, 201931 minutes

Part 6 of 6 short episodes on getting into multifamily sooner - Networth and Liquidity

Mar 31, 20197 minutes

How to syndicate multifamily apartments

Part 5 of 6 short episodes on getting into multifamily sooner - Supply EMD

Mar 31, 20197 minutes

How to syndicate multifamily apartments

Part 4 of 6 short episodes on getting into multifamily sooner - Raising Money

Mar 31, 20196 minutes

How to syndicate multifamily apartments

Part 3 of 6 short episodes on getting into multifamily sooner - Management Team

Mar 31, 20193 minutes

How to syndicate multifamily apartments

Part 2 of 6 short episodes on getting into multifamily sooner - Finding Deals

Mar 31, 20196 minutes

How to syndicate multifamily apartments

Part 1 of 6 short episodes on getting into multifamily sooner - Passive Invest

Mar 31, 20198 minutes

How to syndicate multifamily apartments

AAA198 How Can I? - Zach Hoereth

Mar 29, 201924 minutes

AAA197 How MAASAI Bought 180 Apartment Units During His First Months Doing Multifamily - MAASAI Ephriam

Mar 18, 201924 minutes

“I dove head first, why not go all out?" - MAASAI Ephriam

AAA194 How Throught Tenant Referals, He Was Able To Get An Unforeseen Note - Ryan Nickel III

Mar 7, 201924 minutes

Vaccant Foreclosures, Fractionalized Ownership, And Subject 2s.

AAA195 Three Things You Need To Know About Finding Deals - Justin Colby

Mar 7, 201919 minutes

Marketing, Sales, and KPI'S

AAA193 He Bought A Foreclosed Resturaunt And Made HUGE Returns -Larry Abramowitz

Mar 4, 201938 minutes

Learn How To Do Foreclosure To MAKE Money

AAA192 He Got a Tax Abatement On A Property And So Can You! - Evan Halladay

Feb 28, 201925 minutes

See how you can use Evan's strategies to get ahead in Real Estate

AAA191 How He Made 50k On A Single Property By Having A Good Network - Brandon Richards

Feb 25, 201920 minutes

Listen to See How YOU Can Implement A Golden Mindset For Real Estate

AAA190 How They Got Paid $33,000 From Seller To Take Over Property - Scott and Heidi Huggins

Feb 21, 201941 minutes

See how they used Airbnb and learn how it can help you level up

AAA189 He Bought a 9 Unit With NONE of His Own Money - Nate Pummel

Feb 18, 201929 minutes

The Story Of Becoming An Entrepreneur And Real Estate Connoisseur

AAA188 How Zachary Purchased A Property With 100% Owner Financing For Only 1k A Month! - Zachary Beach

Feb 14, 201922 minutes

How Zachary Is Planning To Become A Renowned Thought Leader

AAA187 The Residential Assisted Living Specialist And Lawyer - Michelle Pinkowski

Feb 11, 201933 minutes

Michelle Gives Her Legal Expertise In The Area In Assisted Living

AAA186 How Ellie Raised Tons Of Capital By Helping Others - Ellie Perlman

Feb 7, 201944 minutes

Ellie shows how a strong morale leads to success in Real Estate

AAA185 How Corey Made 2.5 Million Dollars From One Deal - Corey Peterson

Feb 4, 201934 minutes

How you can implement a tier one mindset to launch you to the top of the Multifamily game

AAA184 He Got Seller Financing on a 59 Space Mobile Home Park - Brian Trippe

Jan 31, 201922 minutes

How Brian Trippe is tastefully innovating Real Estate education

AAA183 Become An Educated Passive Investor! - Goodegg Investments

Jan 28, 201940 minutes

Real Estate Learning Made Simple

AAA182 Taking over the world - Kevin Easterly

Jan 24, 201918 minutes

How he did his first syndication

AAA181 The Crowdfunding Attorney - Mark Roderick

Jan 21, 201959 minutes

The "Boring" Attorney

AAA180 The Diversified Investor - Luke Weber

Jan 17, 201928 minutes

Build That Portfolio

AAA179 Agent to Cash-flow Investor - Scott Bower

Jan 14, 201925 minutes

It just wasn't for me!

AAA178 Journey of someone making waves! - Dan Handford

Jan 10, 201943 minutes

This is the second of a two part series with Dan Handford...

AAA169 Property Manage Right! - Marc Cunningham

Dec 29, 201833 minutes

Know Your Laws

AAA168 Screw It, I'll Rent It Out - Scott Lewis

Dec 27, 201844 minutes

Just Rent It Out

AAA167 Merry Christmas - Adam Adams

Dec 25, 201814 minutes

Ask Me Anything

AAA165 Let's Grow! - Rosario Terracciano

Dec 21, 201833 minutes


AAA164 Setting Your New Year's Goals - Adam A Adams

Dec 19, 201814 minutes

Goal Setting

AAA163 The Art of Raising Money - Michael Blank

Dec 17, 201836 minutes


AAA162 Control The Money and the Deals Will Come - Joe Fairless

Dec 15, 201842 minutes

The Best Ever

AAA161 Mindset Matters - Adam A Adams

Dec 13, 201823 minutes


AAA160 Lifeonaire Forecloses on Himself!? - Steve Cook

Dec 11, 201837 minutes

Self Foreclosure

AAA157 - My First Deal With My Credit Cards - Powell Chee

Dec 5, 201830 minutes

The First Deal

AAA156 Utilizing the VA Loan... Creatively - Markian Sich

Dec 3, 201832 minutes

The Creative VA Loan

AAA154 Creative Deal Via Estate Sale - Jackie Swagerty

Nov 29, 201831 minutes

Build That Cashflow!

AAA153 Out of Box Solutions for Property Management - Linda Liberatore

Nov 27, 201834 minutes

Top Notch LandLords

AAA150 The Good Success - Tom Olson

Nov 21, 201853 minutes

AAA149 Go Big- John Casmon

Nov 19, 201829 minutes

House hacking scaler

AAA147 The Real Estate Attorney - Gary Davidson

Nov 15, 201829 minutes

Provide Value!

AAA146 Growing In Multifamily - David Toupin

Nov 13, 201845 minutes

Multifamily REI

AAA144 AAA Live On The Radio - Jimmy Sengenberger

Nov 9, 201825 minutes

Other People's Money on 1690AM

AAA143 Founder of Pinnacle Investments (Part 2) - Troy Fullwood

Nov 9, 201837 minutes

Founder of Pinnacle Investments

AAA142 Founder of Pinnacle Investments (Part 1) - Troy Fullwood

Nov 7, 201831 minutes

Founder of Pinnacle Investments

AAA141 Guest Interviews The Host (Part 2) - Brandon Guite

Nov 6, 201846 minutes

Ask me A Question

AAA139 The Inspired Bartender - Adam A Adams

Nov 5, 201821 minutes


AAA138 It's never "I cant" - Adam A Adams

Oct 30, 201813 minutes

Mindset is Key

AAA137 Mineral Talk - Katie Petross

Oct 28, 201833 minutes

Mineral Rights

AAA136 Making Money In Multifamily - Adam A Adams

Oct 26, 201811 minutes


AAA135 Scaling Your CashFlow - Chad Doty

Oct 24, 201833 minutes

CashFlow Is King

AAA134 Raise Money Right! - Adam A Adams

Oct 22, 20188 minutes


AAA133 It's Time To BRRRR - Brandon Elliot

Oct 20, 201830 minutes


AAA132 What is your super power? - Matt Skinner

Oct 18, 201837 minutes

Creative Real Estate

AAA131 Target That Market! - Adam A Adams

Oct 15, 201818 minutes

Target Markets

AAA130 How Can I? - Colby Davis

Oct 14, 201840 minutes

Addicted To REI

AAA129 Air Bnb Cashflow - Ben Walker

Oct 12, 201828 minutes

Air Bnb

AAA128 Thank You! - Adam Adams

Oct 10, 201813 minutes

Thank You!

AAA127 Time For A Change - Justin Grimes

Oct 8, 201838 minutes

What made you change

AAA126 Loosing It All To 250 Deals In A Year! - Don Costa

Oct 6, 201849 minutes

Deals On Fire!

AAA125 T.I.C. structure for 1031 Exchange - Adam A Adams

Oct 4, 201813 minutes

What's the one way to get 1031 exchange money into a syndication?

AAA124 Real Law - Heath Phillips

Oct 2, 201825 minutes

AAA123 When You Are At Your Bottom - Justin Colby

Sep 30, 201824 minutes

sleeping on his friend's couch 9 months to finding the silver...

AAA122 Crazy Day Today... here's why - Adam A Adams

Sep 29, 201823 minutes

SEC violations, Losing Deals, Keeping Credibility

AAA121 The Commercial Empire Coach - Tim Bratz

Sep 27, 201839 minutes

CashFlow Is King

AAA120 CPA to Real Estate Investor - Ian Love

Sep 25, 201827 minutes

Quit The Day Job

AAA119 It's Time To Start Your Meetup

Sep 23, 201824 minutes

Start you new meetup group. What to do. How to grow your network fast!

AAA118 Creative Lending - Tom Kelly

Sep 21, 201825 minutes

How are your terms?

AAA117 The Diverse Real Estate Entrepreneur - Mathew Owens

Sep 19, 201832 minutes

Savvy Investing

AAA116 8 Real Estate Strategies For Making Money

Sep 17, 201814 minutes

Don't buy a single house until you hear this...

AAA115 Market That Deal - Scott Carson

Sep 15, 201833 minutes

AAA112 - Why is Nobody Teaching This? - Adam Adams

Sep 11, 201812 minutes

Expert Advisory Boards

AAA111 Taking Massive Action - Ryan Nickel

Sep 9, 201828 minutes

Food Stamps To REI

AAA110 The Full Time Passive Investor - Jeremy Roll

Sep 7, 201844 minutes

Passive Investors

AAA109 100 Multifamily Family Doors at 24 - Chad Wittfeldt

Sep 5, 201826 minutes

Always Give Value

AAA106 The Eisenhower Method!

Aug 30, 201816 minutes


AAA103 Syndication Fundamentals

Aug 24, 20187 minutes


AAA102 Strategic Partnerships - Chris Salazar

Aug 22, 201828 minutes


AAA101 Always Give Back - Conor Steinbrook

Aug 20, 201836 minutes

Creative Real Estate

AAA100 Thank You!

Aug 18, 20189 minutes

Thank You!

AAA99 Turn Key Rentals - Marco Santarelli

Aug 16, 201833 minutes

Rental Properties

AAA98 Dentistry to Financial Planning - Dr. Forest Bryant

Aug 14, 201844 minutes

Risk VS Reward

AAA97 Make Sure You Have Good Tenants!

Aug 12, 201813 minutes

Good Tenants Only!

AAA96 Engineering Real Estate Entrepreneur - Jacob Ayers

Aug 10, 201824 minutes

Creative Real Estate Growth

AAA95 Creative Property Management Strategies - Brian McClain

Aug 8, 201839 minutes

Single family turn key rentals & out of box thinkinbg

AAA94 Get Involved In Multifamily- Adam A Adams

Aug 6, 201820 minutes

Get Into Multifamily

AAA92 He Just Quit His Day Job! - Lucas Miller

Aug 2, 201827 minutes

Quitting Your Day Job!

AAA91 My First Few Real Estate Deals! - Adam A Adams

Jul 31, 201818 minutes

My First Deal!

AAA90 Cash-Flow Is Strategies!! - Tamar Mar

Jul 29, 201828 minutes

Multifamily Cash-flow!

AAA88 What about One Bedroom Apartments? - Adam A Adams

Jul 25, 201811 minutes

1bdr Apartments

AAA87 Creative Real Estate Entrepreneur - Nancy Gaines

Jul 23, 201833 minutes

Creative Deals!

AAA86 Do Bigger Deals! - Andrew Campbell

Jul 21, 201827 minutes

AAA85 Asset Mgt VS Property Mgt! - Adam A. Adams

Jul 19, 201814 minutes

Are you an investor or a landlord?

AAA84 Navy Pilot To Real Estate Investor - Stuart Grazier

Jul 17, 201835 minutes

Navy Pilot Real Estate Investor!

AAA83 Fix & Flips or Cash-flow? - Todd Dexheimer

Jul 15, 201841 minutes

Big Creative Deals

AAA82 Don't Buy a Single House Until You Hear This - Adam A Adams

Jul 13, 201810 minutes

The 3 Reasons You Should START with Multifamily

AAA81 Taking Leaps of Faith - Nathan Tabor

Jul 11, 201839 minutes

Serial Entrepreneur & Apartment Investor Nathan Tabor

AAA80 Finding Good Partners - Nizan Mosery

Jul 9, 201840 minutes

Cash-flow is King!

AAA79 Meet My friend Riley! - Adam A Adams

Jul 7, 201812 minutes

Get into apartments sooner!

AAA78 These Trailer Parks are Gold Mines! - Kevin Bupp

Jul 6, 201833 minutes

Trailer Park Investing

AAA77 Become an Expert Passive Investor! - Jeremy Roll

Jul 6, 201847 minutes

Passive Investing

AAA76 Build a Strong Mindset - Adam A Adams

Jul 5, 20188 minutes

Mindset is everything!

AAA75 Do More MultiFamily Deals! - Ike Mutabanna

Jul 5, 201849 minutes

Say Yes To MultiFamily!

AAA74 The Family Office Master! - Richard Wilson

Jul 3, 201828 minutes

Family Offices!

AAA72 CPA & Private Lending Through a 401k - Bernard Reisz

Jun 29, 201825 minutes

Self Directing CheckBook 401k's

AAA71 Senior Living Investing - Doug Fullaway

Jun 27, 201821 minutes

Senior Living!

AAA70 He is truly a land geek - Mark Podolsky

Jun 25, 201821 minutes

AAA69 The five ways you make money in multifamily - Adam Adams

Jun 23, 201815 minutes

Make Money In Multifamily!

AAA68 Wisdom from a securities attorney - Jillian Sidoti

Jun 21, 201837 minutes

Make sure you're legal!

AAA67 Creative real estate with multifamily - Adam Adams

Jun 19, 201824 minutes

Adam's Story!

AAA66 He wants to fund your next flip - Matt Rodak

Jun 17, 201824 minutes

Fix & Flip like a Boss!

AAA65 From Pilot To Investor - Ryan Gibson

Jun 14, 201833 minutes

Pilot To Investor

AAA64 Seven tips how to get stated today. - Adam A Adams

Jun 12, 201818 minutes

Listener Questions

AAA63 Want the truth to how to become a leader? - Adam A Adams

Jun 10, 201813 minutes

Become a leader!

AAA62 Put Me in Coach! - Trevor McGregor

Jun 7, 201834 minutes

Coach With Trevor

AAA61 Wholesale to Syndication! - Cody Reilly

Jun 5, 201830 minutes

Journey To Syndication Success.

AAA60 True growth comes when you push past comfort zones - Adam A Adams

Jun 3, 201811 minutes

Thoughts With Adam.

AAA59 Asset Protection & Tax Structuring - Clint Coons

May 31, 201819 minutes

Asset Protection

AAA58 Learn This Creative Niche! - Tyler Sheff

May 28, 201825 minutes

Adam Adams interviews Tyler Sheff from CashFlowGuys.com

AAA57 What's the Holy Trinity of Multifamily? Is it enough? - Adam A Adams

May 27, 201814 minutes

Syndication Sundays!

AAA56 - From Newbie to Mentor! - Tony Spandrio

May 23, 201826 minutes

From Newbie to Mentor!

AAA55 The Steps Into Real Estate - Manny Perez

May 21, 20188 minutes

The Journey to Success

AAA54 Are you raising money or offering an opportunity? - Adam A Adams

May 20, 20188 minutes

Syndication Sundays

AAA53 Fix & FLip From Across The Country! - Lauren Hardy

May 19, 201821 minutes

Fix & Flip like a Boss!

AAA52 20 year journey to 2000+ units - Tammy Mitchell

May 16, 201825 minutes

Tammy grew her net worth by growing her network...

AAA50 MILESTONE MONDAY! Closed the first Syndication - DJ Scruggs

May 14, 201814 minutes

BlueSpruce closed it's first (and second) syndication.

AAA49 How to go from a POSITIVE $20MM to NEGATIVE $5MM - Damian Lupo

May 9, 201817 minutes

Damian Lupo has had his ups and downs in real estate and now...

AAA48 Meetup Monday Pt:5 - Adam A Adams

May 7, 201814 minutes

How to start a meetup group and grow your network fast!

AAA47 House Hacking 101 - Craig Curelop

May 2, 201818 minutes

Craig Curelop from BiggerPockets teaches us how to house hack!

AAA46 Meetup Monday Pt:4 - Adam A Adams

Apr 30, 20186 minutes

Meetup Monday

AAA51 Aerospace Engineer to Multifamily Syndicator - Sarah May

Apr 27, 201824 minutes

How Sarah quit her engineering job to become a high level...

AAA45 Be Your Own Bank - Ferenc Toth

Apr 25, 201830 minutes

Be Your Own Bank

AAA44 Meetup Monday Pt:3 - Adam A Adams

Apr 23, 20188 minutes

Meetup Monday

AAA42 Meetup Monday Pt:2 - Adam A. Adams

Apr 16, 201818 minutes

Networking, Meeutps, Branding, Positioning,

AAA41 Apartment Investing - Brad Sumrok

Apr 11, 201829 minutes

Apartment Investing

AAA40 Meetup Monday, Pt:1 - Adam A Adams

Apr 9, 201810 minutes

MeetUp Groups

AAA39 Agent to Investor - Dave Van Horn

Apr 6, 201831 minutes

Agent To Investor

AAA38 The Leap of Faith - Steven Pesavento

Apr 5, 201829 minutes

Flipping for Freedom

AAA37 Acquisitions Mastermind - Nathan Robbins

Apr 4, 201828 minutes

Acquisition Specialist

AAA36 Cost Segregation Experts - Yonah Weiss & Chuck Tover

Apr 3, 201847 minutes

Cost Segregation

AAA35 Non-Performing Second Mortgage Investing - Lindsay Gordon

Apr 2, 201816 minutes

Second Mortgage Investing

AAA34 What's The BRRRR Strategy? - Brandon Turner

Mar 26, 201822 minutes

BRRRR on accident.

AAA33 Partnership Horror Story - Mark Kenney

Mar 19, 201827 minutes

Experienced Multifamily Syndicator Finds Himself In a Sticky Situation

AAA30 Creative Real Estate Note Syndication - Adam L Adams

Mar 12, 201821 minutes

Real Estate Note Investing

AAA32 Creative Real Estate Note Investing & Financing - Jorge Newbery

Mar 1, 201825 minutes

Creative Real Estate Note Investing

AAA31 Leveraging Technology In Real Estate - Trevor Mauch

Feb 28, 201825 minutes

Technology in Real Estate!

AAA28 Insured Lending At It's Finest - John Panagako & Calvin Newton

Feb 26, 201812 minutes

Real Estate Partnerships.

AAA27 The Quest For Financial Freedom - Michael Blank

Feb 19, 201830 minutes

Restaurants to Real Estate Investing

AAA25 From Two Day Jobs to Full Time Real Estate Investor - Jennifer Beadles

Feb 5, 201825 minutes

Learn How to Flip 100 Houses Per Year

AAA19 From a W-2 to a $230 Million Portfolio - Joe Fairless

Dec 25, 201727 minutes

Creating Success From The Start

AAA17 Upgrade your Online Presence –Italina Kirknis

Dec 7, 201724 minutes

Get more VISIBILITY Online

AAA16 Coming out of Retirement at 21 - Igor Kajpust

Dec 4, 201721 minutes

Young, Rich, and Retired: An Interview with Igor Kajpust

AAA14 Real Estate in Reverse - Kent Clothier

Nov 27, 201720 minutes

Work Backwards and create the result you actually want

AAA13 Adapt or Die! Networking & Creative Solutions to Thrive in Real Estate - Holly McKhann

Nov 16, 201723 minutes

Networking and Creative Solutions - Holly McKhann "Hard Hat Holly"

AAA12 From Poverty to Prosperity - Mindset of a RE Mogul - Rod Khleif

Nov 15, 201724 minutes

Learn the psychology of success

AAA11 Fund your deal using Private Money - Chris Tanner!

Nov 8, 201722 minutes

Use other people's money to leverage more deals than you have cash for

AAA6 Raise Private Money Like a Pro - Tony Spandrio!

Oct 30, 201721 minutes

Tony Spandrio shares how he locates and uses private money

AAA8 The Power of the 3-Option Letter of Intent - Matt Theriault

Oct 27, 201732 minutes

Financially free in 4 years usig no money and no credit!

AAA7 Step By Step Process for Negotiating Win-Wins with Sellers - Adam Adams

Oct 26, 201712 minutes

Solving Home Owner's Problems with Creative Real Estate Strategies

AAA5 Growing a Portfolio of Lease Options - Kevin Amolsch

Oct 23, 201724 minutes

Sandwich Lease Options - Kevin Amolsch of Pine Financial Group

AAA4 Unique Strategies From a Long Time Fix & Flipper - Al Roberson

Oct 9, 201725 minutes

Al Roberson of Lead Funding (one of the podcast's sponsors)

AAA3 Inside Look at HouseFlippingHQ - Justin Williams

Oct 2, 201730 minutes

How to flip over 100 houses per year

AAA2 Investing With Your Self Directed Retirement Accounts - Chris Tanner

Sep 25, 201723 minutes

How to use your IRA or 401(k) to invest in real estate

AAA1 Welcome to the Creative Real Estate Podcast

Sep 11, 20178 minutes

Meet Adam, Manny and DJ

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