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Todd Dexheimer is a guest on Creative Real Estate Podcast

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AAA252 It's time to raise $20 million dollars for your deals! - Todd Dexheimer

Jul 23, 201936 minutes

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • When to transition from single family to multifamily
  • How to get investors to transition with you to multifamily
  • How to build systems as you build your business
  • How to focus on growing your business
  • How to think beyond today by thinking big
  • How to make sure you're outside of your comfort zone so you can scale
  • How to make sure you just start, or be like everyone else

You can connect with Todd at: NREconference.com Pillars of Wealth Creation Podcast PillarsOfWealthCreation.com VentureDProperties.com NREconference.com use promo code EARLYBIRD

RaisingMoneySummit.com use promo code PODCAST

AAA83 Fix & Flips or Cash-flow? - Todd Dexheimer

Jul 15, 201841 minutes

Big Creative Deals

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