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Monick Halm is a guest on Creative Real Estate Podcast

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AAA263 Creating a Movement that People will Get Behind - Monick Halm

Aug 15, 201932 minutes

This is what you will learn in this podcast from Adam's interview with Monick Halm:

  • Monick's plan to help one million women gain financial freedom
  • How it's posiblie for regular people to to buy 100+ unit apartments
  • How to hire a mentor and coach
  • How to create a movement that people can get behind
  • How to attend her event Wealth Through Real Estate Event September 27-29, 2019 and the Real Estate
  • How to attend the Investors Soulmates Reatreat in Belize

Connect with Monick at REIgodessess.com (https://.realestateinvestorgoddesses.com)

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