AAA 302 WHAT!? Paying Taxes in Your IRA!?

Oct 30, 201912 minutes

In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • What most of your CPAs/Attorneys/Self-Directed IRA companies don't know
  • How taking money from self-directed IRA investors will cause them to pay taxes at the Trust Rate
  • What UDIF is (Unrelated Dept Financed Income)
  • Income that comes to your passive investor by way of having a property that has leverage against it: dept financed
  • If you have a syndication, and your passive investor puts in 100K and makes 8K that year, 80% is taxed at highest rate. (1/3 of income in taxes)
  • How to get a QRP (Qualified Retirement Plan) from Damion Lupo

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