AAA339 Amazing Ways to Find Private Investors and Raise Money-Jen Maldonado

Feb 5, 2020

In this podcast, you'll learn:

Top Places to Find Potential Private Investors

  1. Start with friends and family
  2. Online presence - Sharing your projects/sharing what you're doing in real estate
  3. Networking through attending doctors, lawyers, accountants events.
    • -Charity Events : connect with people with money that also have good heart
    • -Hobbies : e.g. go to the winery and talk to other people and share with them what you do
  4. Hang out with retirement fund leaders - people who handles 41K, self directed, cash value insurance policies, people in finances. They're clients need other investment alternatives and accelerate the growth of their money.
  5. Run your own Meetup
  6. Visit other real estate clubs

How to Approach Potential Private Investors It's all about them. Put your agenda in your pocket Have a different approach if the person hasn't invested yet.

Ways to Structure the Deal 3 Things to Ask Them

  1. Do you like big fat checks?
  2. Do you like monthly income?
  3. Or do you like both?

How to take the conversation with the passive investors

  1. Tell me about what do you invest and why?
  2. What kind of investment you do in the past (if they have invested in the past)
  3. Have you considered investing in real estate and what do you know? (If hasn't invested yet)

What matters to passive investors? The RISK -What kind of risk are they taking? -How to create certainties for them -Provide proper information

How to Vet a Sponsor Before You Invest Requirements: -(The team, business plan, the deal and financial capabilities ) How achievable their business plan is, who is behind it, what is their experience, how much money they have, multiple ramifications. -Know who they are as human beings -See the quality of the work/projects -What are their communication patterns?

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