AAA34 What's The BRRRR Strategy? - Brandon Turner

Mar 26, 201822 minutes

BRRRR on accident.

AAA33 Partnership Horror Story - Mark Kenney

Mar 19, 201827 minutes

Experienced Multifamily Syndicator Finds Himself In a Sticky Situation

AAA30 Creative Real Estate Note Syndication - Adam L Adams

Mar 12, 201821 minutes

Real Estate Note Investing

AAA32 Creative Real Estate Note Investing & Financing - Jorge Newbery

Mar 1, 201825 minutes

Creative Real Estate Note Investing

AAA31 Leveraging Technology In Real Estate - Trevor Mauch

Feb 28, 201825 minutes

Technology in Real Estate!

AAA28 Insured Lending At It's Finest - John Panagako & Calvin Newton

Feb 26, 201812 minutes

Real Estate Partnerships.

AAA27 The Quest For Financial Freedom - Michael Blank

Feb 19, 201830 minutes

Restaurants to Real Estate Investing

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