AAA57 What's the Holy Trinity of Multifamily? Is it enough? - Adam A Adams

May 27, 201814 minutes

When you're doing syndications one metric that will help you protect your investor's capital would be the holy trinity.

What's the holy trinity? Is it enough? Adam says no! You also need to know your ROI!

Syndications are a creative way to do move into bigger apartment deals in commercial multifamily real estate.

The really cool thing about syndicaitons is the fact that you're offering an incredibley powerful oppurtunity to other investors.

Today, Adam talks about some of the most important fundamentals when investing in Real Estate. Think OutSide The Box.

Topics discussed:

  1. Cap Rates
  2. Cash on Cash
  3. DSCR (DSR) (DCR)
  4. ROI
  5. Denver Apartment Network
  6. Scaling
  7. Syndications
  8. How interest rates effect cash on cash
  9. How leverage effects cash on cash

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