AAA50 MILESTONE MONDAY! Closed the first Syndication - DJ Scruggs

May 14, 201814 minutes

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

In this episode DJ and Adam discuss a small milestone of getting that first syndicated apartment complex closed. It took about 8 months from contract to close. DJ shares some of the struggles of getting this deal moved through.

Also a small celebration of hitting episode 50 on the podcast.

DJ and Adam briefely discuss the next syndication they are doing which is an 83 unit in Branson MO and it closes right before this episode comes out.

If you want to do apartment syndications as well you might be in luck because we have about 12 tickets available to an event coming up. The tickets are $95.00 and come with Networking, Food, and Education.

Get your tickets now by clicking here!

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