AAA48 Meetup Monday Pt:5 - Adam A Adams

May 7, 201814 minutes

This episode wraps up the 5 part series to getting a massive network.

Adam covers:

Should you take over another persons group and/or should you start your own from scratch? This episode goes over the pros and cons of both. -split testing -strategy -events

Want to watch recorded videos from Adam's meetup? Here is the YouTube:

Want to Follow Adam Adams on instagram? Here is his handle: @AAAinvests

Want to visit one of the most active meetup groups in the world? Here is the link to RSVP:

Want to visit D.A.N.?

Want to visit SDI Network?

Go to Joe Fairless' podcast here:

Denver Apartment Network is hosting a dinner with BRAD SUMROK on June 5th. It's an event to help other people learn how to invest in apartment buildings for cash-flow. As a way of saying thanks for being a regular listener on this podcast. I wanted to give you a free promo code to the event so you WON'T HAVE TO PAY $95.00

When you use this promo code: "DANFREE" You get your tickets free.

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