AAA42 Meetup Monday Pt:2 - Adam A. Adams

Apr 16, 201818 minutes

This week Adam Adams covers why he started his meetup in the first place. He was BRAND NEW to Denver: he didn't know anyone, and nobody knew him... so he got CREATIVE and started his own meetup group.

Adam talks about reverse engineering the process of making a successful meetup group to gow his network in a new city by finding a niche!

A "lunch" group!? How many could you get to be there in the middle of the day on a Thursday??? Well Adam has had 176 RSVPs in one place in the middle of a work day.

This is the 2nd of 5 episodes

Adam Discusses how he got on Theo Hicks and Joe Fairless's Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show. We even share a clip of Theo and Joe discussing if they should do it weekly or not... Then Adam explaines the reason behind it even though he knows people may have some legitimate concerns.

Also mentioned:

How frequently you should be meeting: How to create scarcity with your meetup How to PM members of other groups (how to create engagement) How to stay in contact with your group by emails and email campagns (tell them what you did and what's coming up) How to keep retention!

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