AAA170 Say "Yes" next time you're invited to speak - Adam Adams

Dec 31, 201816 minutes

It's time to say yes!!

Where I be?

Jan 8th | Greeley w/ Cory Calvin & Melissa Harris Jan 12-13 | Denver w/ Derek Scruggs Jan 18-20 | Tampa w/ Rod Khleif Jan 25 | Denver w/ Manuel Perez & Chad Wittfeldt Feb 22-23 | Denver (Best Ever Conference) w/ Joe Fairless Mar 12 | Utah REIA w/Roger Jacobsen April 4-6 | Denver (Finding Deals Summit) W/ BlueSpruce Holdings May 17-19 | Dallas w/ Rod Khleif May 24 | Denver w/ BlueSpruce Group

For further information on these events, send me an email!

Topics discussed:

  1. Speaking
  2. Branding
  3. Networking

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