AAA130 How Can I? - Colby Davis

Oct 14, 201840 minutes

Colby Davis is an entrepenreur, investor, philanthropist, and world traveler.

He started his first company at the age of 21 and have since grown it over 2,500%. Davis comes from humble beginnings and always had the entrepreneur/ investing bug ever since i was 10 years old.

He's obsessed with personal development, fitness, helping others, and ANYTHING that involves business and/ or money. Colby purchased his first piece of real estate at the age of 24 and was addicted ever since! To date his portfolio is over $1.2 million at the age of 26.

Topics discussed:

  1. Owner's Finance
  2. Multifamily Rentals
  3. Hustle

Links mentioned in this episode:

Connect With Colby Davis IG handle @ davispainting1 IG handle @colby_davisofficial Facebook-Colby Davis Snapchat @colbynok

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